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Air Conditioning Installation, Repairs and Maintenance Oman

Oman’s best and reliable Air Conditioning Repair service providers. AC repairs across all of Oman, We have got you covered

Electrical Repair and Maintenance Services Muscat Oman

Electrical Services

Oman Maintenance Electrical Services is here to assist you with all your electrical needs 24 hours7 days. Our professional electrician in oman provide emergency service, we operates in Oman 24/7 at very reasonable prices, so you can easily get an electrician in Oman within hour.

Plumbing Maintenance & Repair Muscat Oman

Plumbing Services

Our team of plumbers in Oman can deal with any situation and will work relentlessly until the job has been completed.  With our dedicated team of plumbers in Oman we can cover all aspects of plumbing over 7 days of the week. For the best commercial and residential plumbing solution in Oman contact our experts.

Painting Services in Muscat Oman

Painting Services

Our Painting Services delivers one of the best painting services in Oman. We have the necessary skills, knowledge, tools and expertise to produce the perfect painting solutions for your residential and commercial properties. We are operating in all cities of Oman.

Maintenance Services in Muscat Oman – Nothing Is Difficult

Contact us today and discover how we transform ‘too difficult’ into ‘too easy’.

Muscat Repair and Maintenance Request

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CCTV Security Systems & IT Services Muscat Oman

CCTV Installation Oman

CCTV Camera Installation

Oman Maintenance provides Wireless, IP & CCTV Surveillance Security Cameras Oman businesses and home owners can rely on. CCTV Installations or servicing Muscat Oman, we can tailor individual CCTV security camera systems to meet your specific security needs.

Structured Data Cabling Oman

Structured Data Cabling

Oman Maintenance provides Structured Data Cabling Systems Oman for commercial and domestic applications. Oman Maintenance offers expert service and support for all Structured Data Cabling Systems installations in Muscat Oman.

Networking Services & Solutions Oman

Networking Solutions

From local area networks (LAN) in offices and multi-level office networks, to multi-site WAN’s and converged networks, Oman Maintenance can deploy fully scalable network solutions. Whatever your network needs, We can deliver a broad range of network solutions in Oman.

Servers Installation

Oman Maintenance can provide you with new network and servers installation in Oman. If your business decides to invest in its own IT server infrastructure we can help! Server and Network upgrades are another our specialty.

PBX Telephone Installation Oman

Business Telephone Systems

Business Telephones System Supply & Installation in Sohar Muscat Oman for small business, medium and enterprise customers. Oman Maintenance has over 15 years of experience in the telecommunications industry.

VoIP Phones Installation & Support Services Oman

IP Phones & IP PABX Solutions

Oman Maintenance has a PABX phone system solution to suit your specific needs and budget. In fact, from used phone systems to the latest VoIP and IP PBX/PABX offerings we’re the smart choice for your next telephone system.

Access Control Systems Oman

Access Control Systems

Oman Maintenance supplies and installs access control systems to help you keep your property and business secure. We specializes in the installation and maintenance of various access control systems in Muscat Oman.

Intercom Installation & Cabling Oman

Intercom Installation & Cabling

Oman Maintenance supply and install an intercom systems in Oman that will allow you to interconnect your front door, multiple rooms, different apartments and pretty much any two locations within distance of a cable run.

WiFi Router Setup & Installation Services Oman

Wi-Fi Setup & Installation

Our highly skilled technicians can implement a LAN and Wi-Fi solution for any home or commercial offices. We supply & install trouble-free WiFi solutions for coffee shops, hotels, fitness centers in Muscat Oman.

Video Management System Oman

Video Management System

We offer Video Management Systems (VMS) in Muscat Oman, which capture those scenes and store the images, trigger alarms which can integrate to many other external systems such as access control systems.

Video Conferencing Solutions Oman

Video Conferencing Solutions

Our conferencing systems and solutions in Oman allow your business to connect over video. This helps in cost reduction & time efficiency within your business. Video Conference tailored to your business needs.

Biometric Door Access Control System Oman

Biometric Door Access Control

Oman Maintenance Offers Commercial, Industrial & Residential Access Control Systems, from the basic, single door keypad to more complex proximity key fobs or biometric identification systems in Muscat Oman.

Oman Construction & Maintenance Company

Construction company “Oman Maintenance” provides a wide range of services in the construction industry: from design, construction and installation and finishing works, to the repair and design of your villa/houses and apartments. Turning to us, you will receive a full modern range of construction services, with a guarantee of compliance with technical requirements and quality work.

Why Choose Oman Maintenance?

Oman Maintenance Company does not belong to the “one-day companies”, which, rapidly appearing on the market for such services, are also rapidly disappearing. This construction company, if you conduct a rating that determines the best large construction companies in Oman, will definitely occupy one of the leading places in it.

Our Clients

We have been successfully operating in Sultanate of Oman for more than 10 years, and quite famous companies managed to become our clients. We carry out the commissioning of facilities completely ready for operation, complete their construction in full accordance with the intended purpose. For us, construction and maintenance in Oman is a native element in which we have tremendous experience, we know all of its “pitfalls”, and we are able to perform even the most specific work efficiently.

We Build and Repair

In our work, we do not disregard the plans and wishes of customers, listening to them to the maximum. We show high professionalism and treat with complete dedication every object we undertake, no matter how large it is. Since we are a reputable construction and maintenance company in Oman, we have been holding the “brand” for a long time and in the future we are going to only get better and move only forward.

Our Advantages:

Over the years, our team has managed to build a thoughtful, clear and convenient system, both for ourselves and for our partners, which includes a full range of construction and repair work. Most of our customers, giving feedback on our activities, without a shadow of doubt, will say that we are a professional construction company in Oman.

What are the responsibilities of the general contractor in construction and maintenance

 The general contracting organization, concluding an agreement on its services with the customer, assumes all responsibilities regarding the construction and maintenance process. It:

  • prepares a technical plan at the design stage;
  • interacts with subcontractors;
  • engaged in the preparation of technical documentation;
  • conducts technical supervision;
  • makes an estimate according to the prices of the construction company;
  • provides construction and installation works;
  • manages the entire construction process;
  • prepares a construction site;
  • after all work is completed, the object is handed over to the customer.

 Attracted to absolutely all stages, the general contract in construction allows you to avoid mistakes, correctly calculate the cost, perform tasks rhythmically and planned, as well as save money. However, these are not the only advantages that characterize such a proposal.

Some more benefits of general contracting services

The general contractor fully assumes all risks under the contract, bearing responsibility for the quality and proper execution of work. This can not be appreciated, because the result of the work will be perfect, and most importantly – on time, the completed task.

  The expediency of the choice also explains the optimization of time, cost savings for the customer, which are able to give general contracting services. It is achieved by the proper organization of all processes, thanks to professional experience and skills in the preparation of all necessary documentation, as well as competent management.

Our company “Oman Maintenance” offers the services of a general contractor in Oman of a professional level and high quality.